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Yoga Asanas For Hair Growth

Hair fall is a very common issue that is faced by people of all age groups. Hair fall can be an indicative of several health problems. More often than not, hair fall or delayed hair growth is attributed to nutritional deficiencies. There can be multiple causes of delayed and slow hair growth. This has to do with our diet as well as other factors like our hair care and our state of mind as well.

Although not many are aware of the fact that stress can lead to hair loss, doctors state that persistent worrying can lead to hair thinning and hair fall. This may go un-noticed by many but our busy lifestyles may be contributing to our hair fall patterns. This is where yoga comes in. several studies show that yoga can help to relieve stress and also greatly help in hair growth. You need no equipments for these yoga asans and can achieve a good rate of hair growth.

Adho Mukha Svanasana

How to:

  1. Position yourself on all 4 limbs as if like a table.
  2. Draw a deep breath in and slowly lift your pelvic area.
  3. While doing this, straighten your elbows and knees.
  4. Make sure your hands are in line with your shoulders and your toes are pointing outwards.
  5. Stretch your neck while keeping your palms pressed upon the floor.
  6. Stay in this position for 5-6 seconds.
  7. Bend your knees and slowly return to the table position.
  8. Repeat this asan 5 times with an interval of 10 seconds.

How this helps:

This asan has numerous benefits for the body. It helps to strengthen the abdominal muscles. The stretching and flexing will help to make you agile. Its regular practice helps to improve circulation and also stimulate the hair follicles present on the scalp. The pose helps to relax and reduce anxiety levels. It helps in reducing the level of stress hormones in the body thus helping with hair fall.


How to:

  1. Lie on your back.
  2. Take a deep breath in and raise your legs up till the toes are pointing towards the ceiling.
  3. Your body should be supported by your shoulders and your hands should be at the centre of your spine.
  4. Stay in this position for 5-6 seconds and then slowly place your feet back on the ground.
  5. Do this asan 6 times with intervals of 30 seconds.

How this works:

This asan greatly improves the blood circulation in the body. It helps in increasing the blood flow and oxygen supply to the head area and the scalp gets stimulated in this process. It helps to detoxify the body and get rid of negative energy as well. This asan helps in weight management. Practicing this daily will help in faster hair growth.


How to:

  1. Kneel down and place your hands on your hips.
  2. Your feet should be facing the ceiling.
  3. Place your palms on your feet and slowly begin to bend backwards.
  4. Make sure you stretch enough to feel a pull at your navel.
  5. Keep your neck in a neutral position without overstretching it.
  6. Stay in this position for 15-20 seconds.
  7. Repeat this asan 5 times with intervals of 10 seconds.

How this works:

This asan helps to improve digestion and strengthen the muscles of the back and the shoulders. It is especially helpful in overcoming menstrual discomfort and makes one more flexible. This asan may also help in regulating the functions of the thyroid gland to enhance hair growth.


How to:

  1. Kneel down on the floor.
  2. Keep your spine straight and place your heels together.
  3. Place your hands on your thighs with the palms facing down.
  4. Now take a deep breath in and stretch your legs forward.
  5. Stay in the position for a few seconds and then go back to the original postion.
  6. Do this asan 8 times with intervals of 10 seconds.

How this works:

Vajrasan is extremely easy to do and can be done anywhere. You may do this at your home but the preferred environment would be a natural place such as the garden where your mind can relax. While performing this asan, the blood circulation to the scalp increases greatly and the hair follicles are also stimulated. This asan enhances ones digestive system for better absorption of the nutrients.


How to:

  1. Lie flat on your back.
  2. Pull in your knees towards your chest.
  3. Using the muscles of your thighs, move your legs up and hold this position for 5 seconds.
  4. Now take a deep breath in and move your legs away from your chest.
  5. Do this asan 6 times with intervals of 5 seconds.

How this works:

This asan has great benefits for the body since it helps detoxify the body. It helps in purifying the blood and keeps the scalp healthy. Other than this, this asan can also help to provide relief from back pain. It also helps in reducing stress and anxiety.

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