Winter Routines to Keep you in Good Health


Winter is coming, and if you worry that all those cupcakes and hamburgers will find their way to your belly and thighs – you are absolutely right. Many people generally tend to gain weight as soon as the first snow falls, but the truth is that it doesn’t have to be like that – not at all. Apart from eating healthy foods, the key to success is certainly regular exercising. Here are some undemanding winter routines which will help you stay fit, so check them out.


Stair Stepping

This exercise is actually very effective, even if you don’t have a flight of stairs in your home. Just take the bulkiest book you own, and step up and down onto it while watching your favorite TV show. It will definitely make you sweat – not as much as it would be the case with a regular workout in the gym, but quite enough to get your heart pumping and your muscles working.



Dancing is a great way to burn calories and speed up your heart rate while having fun. Can it get even better? Yes, if you invite your best friends to exercise with you! You will have a party in your room, while losing weight at the same time. It’s fine if you are not a skillful dancer, because you really don’t have to impress anybody.


Winter Walk

Dress in several warm layers and go for a walk outside. It is a great exercise, since working out in cold weather can help you burn much more calories than a regular training. Warm clothes will provide your body with extra heat, which will encourage it to sweat even more. In this way, you will both be exposed to fresh winter air, and lose weight at the same time.


YouTube Workouts

This is an amazing way to stay fit during cold winter days. There are thousands of videos on YouTube that can help you do the correct form of any exercise, which is crucial for losing weight and improving your muscle tone. It is up to you whether you will choose a traditional workout that includes pushups, lunges and crunches, or will you go for a combination of different routines. When you finish the workout, take care of your body by taking diet supplements that will help your body recover faster. Some ideas that will help you learn more about products to help you stay healthy can be found at this link.



This probably seems silly, but cleaning your house is an excellent workout that requires significant amounts of physical strength. Kill two birds with one stone and burn some calories while vacuuming and mopping. You will be thrilled with the outcome: your house will be clean and your muscles lean!


Water Bottle Weights

If you are up for arm and back strength training, but don’t have free weights, you can simply use two bottles of water instead. In this way, you can actually tailor the exercise to your own needs, because you can fill those bottles with the exact amount of water you need. You can also take it to the next level and increase the amount of it every time you work out.



Sometimes relaxation and silence are exactly what your body needs. Long-term weight loss needs to be supported by stress reduction techniques, because high levels of stress are related to an increase in belly fat. Improve your concentration, decrease anxiety, and feel at peace in your own home.


As you can see, staying fit has never been easier. There is a wide range of simple exercises which really work, which is why you should not be lazy. Try just some of them and you will see significant improvement. After all, you have only one body, and you are responsible for keeping it healthy and fit.

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