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What’s in an Energy Bar?


An energy bar is possibly the only fitness-related supplement that gives off a positive connotation name-wise. This wide category of delicious treats is something that was specifically designed to get us through the day, but we usually keep ourselves in the dark in regards to its composition, as it is always simpler to just trust whatever is printed on a wrapper. In this article we aim to solve this mystery once and for all, and find out what makes up an energy bar.



The first thing you need to be aware of is that each and every nutrient is obligatory in order to maintain a balanced diet. Although some superficial guides may advise you to avoid carbohydrates, this attitude is as wrong as it gets. In order for your diet to be holistic, no nutrient gets left behind. Whole grains are the safest, most natural source of carbohydrates there is. This is why you should always look for them in your energy bar. White flour, on the other hand, should be avoided, bearing in mind that it is often present in energy bars of lower quality.

Good Fats

Now, good fats is a phrase you don’t hear so often, however this is something that is essential for your body to work properly. Same as carbohydrates, fat being a negative thing is a myth, and a busted one at that. Nuts and seeds provide good sources of fats in energy bars. These are the essential ingredients that put the energy into an energy bar. All you need to do here is mind the amount of calories you take daily and you should be just fine.


When it comes down to sugar level in energy bars, things get tricky easily. Keep in mind that not every source of sugar is the same. You can never compare sugars that come from dried fruit such as raisins to things like syrups or artificial sweeteners. All in all, you need to keep your both eyes open when examining an energy bar or simply buy them from a supplier you trust. In the food industry in general, it is all about reputation so getting your bars from an authority like is a safe bet that all the nutrients are in place.



Up until now, we discussed beneficial ingredients of the standard energy bar, however there are some nutrients here that should be avoided. First on the list are trans-fats. Mostly because you cannot find these fats anywhere in nature, and they are completely artificial, they are only partially-hydrogenated and therefore quite bad for your organism. Some energy bar manufacturers will try to slide them as crucial ingredients, which is another reason you should only buy from a reliable, responsible supplier.

Artificial ingredients

Since the energy bar niche is overcrowded, many suppliers will resort to virtually anything just to gain an upper hand. This mostly means enhancing their bar with a number of artificial colors, flavors or even preservatives. It goes without saying that none of these are healthy practices. As all of the above mentioned are entirely artificial ingredients, they will do damage to your workouts in the short term, and health in the long term.

Just remember, even though a bit of a boost in form of an energy bar is perfectly fine, your health always comes first. Be vigilant when researching the ingredients of the bar you most commonly use and do not place your health in some shady company’s hands so lightly.

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