Fruits and Vegetables

Useful Tips in Washing Fruits and Vegetables


The officials of the Federal health department estimate that almost 48 million individuals fall sick as a result of food contaminated through harmful germs every year. The big reason for this is that most people never realize that such products could also cause outbreaks of food-borne diseases.

Below are five tips on how to wash your vegetables and fruits properly:

wash fruits and vegetables

1. Wash your hands with the help of an anti-bacterial hand wash or soap

Before you start washing your vegetables and fruits, it is suggested that you wash your hands using an anti-bacterial hand wash or soap. Hands are likely to carry plenty of bacteria that can be carried on your products quite easily. However make sure to thoroughly dry your hands because you don’t want to get the soap onto your meals.

2. Buy a brush

Firm vegetables and fruits such as potatoes, pineapples, apples and oranges could be scrubbed using a vegetable brush during rinsing with clean water so as to eliminate residues as well as dirt.

3. Be careful

Germs are likely to bury themselves inside small crevices. Before you start washing, take off all the stems and stalks which can be very muddy and make sure that you chop off stems and stalks. Get rid of bruised and spoiled spots in which bacteria are likely to thrive. In addition, ensure that everything is washed properly, even if the package mentions that they’re pre-washed.

4. The outside layer

In spite of the fact that you may peel the outside layer & throw it off, bacteria could still be transported from the outside part to the inner part using the knife that you use for peeling.


5. Cleaning with the help of vinegar can also be considered

Some of the dirt might not be completely water soluble for instance waxy preservatives, pesticides & oils from the hands of the buyers who try to touch almost every vegetable and fruit in search of the one that tends to appeal them the most. In such situations, vinegar can come in quite useful so as to dissolve this dirt.

Consider the use of diluted solution of vinegar which will contain 3 parts of water and 1 part of vinegar. This can be placed inside a spray bottle for better suitability. In the current time, the FDA doesn’t suggest the use of soap nevertheless few of the food stores trade organic fruit and vegetable cleansers which are safe.

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