Warning to Parents: The Lethal Drug That Looks Like Gummy Candies

Lethal Drug That Looks Like Gummy Candies-1

If you’re a parent, then you must keep on reading! A new lethal drug appeared in the underground market – a strawberry meth that’s made from methamphetamine. What’s unique about this new drug is its looks- it looks like a gummy candy and it smells like strawberries.

Parents need to be alert because kids could be easily tricked with the strawberry drug. Although it looks like your favorite gummy candy, it’s made from crystal meth and can be lethal.

Crystal meth is one of the most manufactured drugs and it’s one of the most popular and most used in the USA and EU nations. Crystal meth is taken orally, by smoking or sniffing and even intravenously. This particular drug leads to mental and physical dependence.

Make sure you and your loved ones avoid this gummy candy looking drug because it’s really harmful and sometimes lethal.

Lethal Drug That Looks Like Gummy Candies

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