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Top 5 Foods to Eat When You Have Sore Throat


I don’t know about you but I absolutely loathe when winter rolls around. Why? Because I know that I am going to get a sore throat. I know that I am going to end up wrapped in bed for days on end in severe amounts of pain (that may have been exaggerating, but I am sure you know just how bad sore throats can be from time to time).

On this page I want to talk to you a little bit about some of the foods that you absolutely must be consuming if you have a sore throat. These will not only reduce the amount of irritation in your throat (i.e. a reduced amount of pain), but it may even speed up the healing process.



If you are looking to speed up the healing of your throat then you need bananas. They are not acidic and very soft. This means that they should go down easily. In addition to this they are rich in all sorts of nutrients which can help your immune system fight off whatever is causing your pain (B6, Potassium, Vitamin C etc.). In short, if you are suffering from a sore throat then this should be right at the top of your shopping list.

Chicken Soup

Next up is Chicken Soup. This is one of those ‘old world’ remedies which actually works. In fact, studies have shown that a hot bowl of chicken soup can be more effective than any antibiotics for sore throats. Chicken will help to alleviate inflammation and will even reduce congestion. This is in part down to the fact that chicken soup is packed to the brim with all sorts of beneficial ingredients. Make sure you find a recipe that includes garlic for the best effect.

lemon juice and honey

Lemon Juice and Honey

A fantastic combination for sore throats. It really comes as no surprise that so many prescribed remedies out there use these two ingredients. The combination of these ingredients will help to soothe the throat. This can lead to an almost instant reduction in pain. In addition to this your congestion will be cleared up and you may even find that inflammation disappears within a matter of hours. It is absolutely perfect!

Scrambled Eggs

This is one of the remedies for sore throats which people do not tend to talk about. This is a great shame because it is actually quite effective. Protein is good for you (it will help to speed up healing), and the scrambled eggs will be quite soft on your throat. Eat the scrambled eggs plain though. You should not be tempted to add any spices or whatever. This will make the pain a whole lot worse.

Ginger Tea

Oh boy. If you want to reduce your sore throat symptoms quickly then you need some ginger. It will instantly calm your throat and you will feel fantastic. Make sure you drink the tea hot though. The steam from the mixture will help ease congestion.

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