The Plant That is 10 000 Times Stronger in Destroying Cancer Cells Than Chemotherapy


Many researches secretly done in the 1970s have shown that this plant is 10000 time more successful in destroying cancer cells than chemotherapy.
The plant’s name is Graviola (annonamuricata) and it’s considered to be miraculous. This magnificent plant is 10000 times more efficient in destroying cancer cells without side effects and it can cure many malignant diseases.


Graviola grows in Mexico, Columbia, Peru and in the Caribbean Islands. The plant only grows in areas of high humidity and relatively warm winters. The greatest thing about Graviola is that the whole plant can be used-leaves, roots, stem, seeds, bark and fruits. Graviola has been used for years for treating many diseases such as: asthma, arthritis, liver problems and heart diseases.
Graviola has a sweet taste, like a mixture of pineapples and strawberries.


Although it has many health benefits, Graviola has drawn most attention as the plant that can cure cancer. Many studies have shown that this miraculous plant can cure tumors, reduce high blood pressure, fight bacterial and fungal infections, cure asthma, arthritis and it’s great for people who struggle with depression and stress.


Many studies done in the 1970s have shown that this plant can kill cancer cells and that it’s 10000 times better than chemotherapy.

Here’s what the studies have shown:

  • Graviola destroys cancer cells the natural way without causing nausea, weight loss and hair loss. The extract from this plant can kill malignant cells from 12 different types of cancer.
  • It will make your body stronger and healthier
  • It protects your immune system and helps your body fight against lethal infections
  • It can help you fight depression and stress



The pharmaceutical industry aren’t able to materialize this magical plant because it’s impossible (for now) to patent the plant’s compounds. They weren’t even able to grow a GMO Graviola. Since they can’t get financial gain from Graviola, they try to hide the miraculous plant in the dark.

The last research about the benefits of Graviola has been done in South Korea and it has shown that Graviola selectively kills cancer cells without touching the healthy cells.

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