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The Most Healing Plant in the World That “Rises from the Dead”


The legend says that Christ’s crown of thorns was made from this amazing plant. Chinese people have been using it for thousands of years and it has a meaningful part in their religion.
We’re talking about the incredible plant called Hawthorn, also known as sharp thorn, white thorn, hook, bear pears etc.

Powerful Heart Drug

The flowers of the plant are rich in glycosides, trimethylamine, essential oils and oxiakantin.
The plant’s fruits are rich in tannins, essential oils, fructose, potassium, calcium and salts of phosphoric acid.
Ever since the plant got in Dr.Willmar Schwabe’s homeopathic book, it became extremely popular among people and a subject of many researches.

In Dr. Willmar’s book it’s confirmed that hawthorn can prevent a heart attack. Hawthorn can also help people that struggle with high cholesterol and high blood sugar levels.
The plant can help you maintain a healthy blood system and can help you prevent cardiac arrhythmias and weakening of heart muscle.

Hawthorn is an effective remedy for treating early staged of heart diseases and it’s especially recommended after surviving a heart attack since it increases blood flow to the coronary blood vessels.


Other things you can treat with hawthorn:

  • Helps with menopause
  • Lack of energy, dizziness, fatigue, nervousness, anxiety
  • Weight loss: it can help you remove the excess water from your body
  • Edema, cellulite and joint diseases
  • Protects against free radicals
  • Prevents vascular diseases


Homemade Hawthorn Tincture:

Get around 20grams of crushes hawthorn leaves and flowers. Pour 20 ml. of 70% alcohol and stir them. Leave the mixture for 3 weeks. After 3 weeks, strain and filter the mixture. Take 20 drops of the tincture daily with some liquid.

Homemade Hawthorn Syrup:

Put 2 pounds hawthorn berries in your blender, cover them with water and blend until everything’s smooth. Leave the blended mixture for 24 hours. After 24 hours, put the mixture on low flame and simmer for 30 minutes. Turn the heat off and leave the mixture for 30 minutes. Strain the liquid and once it cools down, put it in the fridge. Blend the berries and add water. Cook them for 30 minutes, leave them cool for 30 minutes and strain everything through a cloth.
Squeeze the juice out from the plant and simmer of low heat until there’s only left ¼ of the mixture. Keep the syrup in sterilized bottles and take 3-12 tbsp. every day.

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