The Healing Power of Garlic

the healing power of garlic

Garlic has strong smell and it’s good in every meal but is there something more to it? Why is garlic considered to be a healthy plant?  First of all, garlic has allicin in it, which is considered to be a therapeutic ingredient with curing powers. Allicin contains sulfur that gives the garlic its authentic and weird smell.

Garlic has countless health benefits. It is considered to be the oldest medical plant ever. Mankind acknowledged the curative qualities of the garlic 3000 years ago. Louis Pasteus, who discovered penicillin , has effectively used the antibacterial powers of the garlic even in 1858.

During World War 1, doctors used the juice form the garlic as an antiseptic for curing wounds. Garlic has useful minerals such as phosphorus, calcium and iron, and oligo minerals such as iodine, sulfur and chlorine. Garlic is one of the rare sources of allicine, alisatin 1 and 2.


Health Benefits of Garlic:

● Protects from oxidative stress

● Supports healthy blood pressure

● Lowers blood triglycerides

● Lowers blood sugar

● Stomach and colon cancer prevention

● Heart attack preventer

● Strengthens immune system


Immunity Juice Recipe With Garlic

garlic juice

You Need:

► 2 Cloves of Garlic

► 3 Carrots

► Half Apple

► Half Lemon

► ¼ Inch of Ginger

► A hand full of Parsley and Cilantro

Put all the ingredients in a blender and mix it up. Drink immediately after juicing.

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