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Substance That Kills 91% of Leukemia Cells with NO SIDE EFFECTS


Captivating study published on November 2013 in the online journal Molecular Cancer, tells us about a new approach in cancer treatment. Namely, Chinese researchers discovered that a bitter tasted ingredient in ginger, called 6-shogaol, causes a leukemia cell to die (the process is called apoptosis). Believe it or not, it has NO SIDE EFFECTS!

There are also other studies that point out the anti-cancer effects of ginger. Particularly, this study indicates that 6-shogaol could also cause apoptosis in other cancer cells, such as, the cells in ovarian cancer, lung cancer, colorectal carcinoma, breast cancer and hepatocarcinoma.

The most important discovery in this studies, is the fact that 6-shogaol is very selective. What does that mean? Well, it means that this ingredient does not attack all cells in one organism. It attacks only leukemia cells leaving the normal bone marrow mono nuclear cells untouched. However, that does not mean that we can immediately mark ginger as one of the best solutions. In fact, this study is only the beginning of the huge potential that ginger has, to be one of the greatest anti-cancer medicines of our time.

It is concluded that the individual compounds in ginger have a synergetic effect when taken together. In that case, the healthiest way to eat a ginger could be in a form of a whole food.

When you think about it from an evolutionary stand point, this makes sense. We have been consuming whole food for more than hundreds of thousands of years, and it is natural that the human body is accustomed to it. With the industrial revolution, came the food revolution as well, and we started eating processed food. This is the kind of food that is extremely anomalous and unhealthy. Simply that is not the food we are evolutionary designed for. Sadly nowadays, almost everything that we consume is made to make profit and not for the purpose of guarding our health and well-being.


Ginger root


For starters, if you want to consume ginger, you can prepare a homemade ginger tea. How to prepare it? Wash and slice a fresh organic ginger and put it in a mug. Pour freshly boiled, filtered or mineral, water and you are done. For a better taste you can add raw honey or fresh slices of lemon. If you can bare the bitterness you can also chew sliced or grated ginger. Here you can find a great recipe with ginger and fish.

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