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Is There Somewhere to Get Free or Affordable Dental Work?


Dental work is something many people need but never receive because of the cost. Dental insurance helps but sometimes it’s not enough and not everyone can afford to have dental insurance. It doesn’t take much for dental work to add up and even regular cleanings can put a small dent in your wallet. Anything beyond cleanings typically costs a good sum of money. If you’re looking for a way to get some dental work at low cost or for free consider the following.



Options for Ottawa Residents without Dental Insurance

If you don’t currently have dental insurance you’ve likely delayed having some much-needed dental work and for a variety of reasons. Regardless of what you need done, whether it’s an emergency root canal or you simply need a checkup done, there are still some options if you don’t have insurance.

Local Outreach Clinics and Food Banks

There are many communities that provide dental services for low-income residents and people that do not have insurance. If you’ve never looked, you’re likely not aware of these opportunities. Call up your local food bank, community health centre or outreach clinic to see if this kind of service is offered in your area.

Take Advantage of Discounted Clinics

If you’re unable to find free or low-cost dental providers consider looking for discounted clinics. There are some in Ottawa, as well as surrounding areas that offer discounted dental work and would be happy to assist you.

Speak With Your Local Dentist

Your own dentist may be able to help you find more affordable dental care or they might even be able to offer a payment plan, if not discounts on dental work. Your dentist may know of some helpful resources where you could get the dental work done; it never hurts to ask.

Regardless, dental care is very important and if you don’t have insurance, you shouldn’t just ‘not’ go to the dentist. Research your available options so that you can have any pressing dental work tended to while avoiding expensive out-of-pocket dental expenses.

Our dental health experts at Viewmount Dental can help you and your family make the right decision when it comes to affordable dental care.


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