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10 Signs in Your Body That Reveal You Are Not Healthy

white in the eyesl

The human body is an amazing machine that should regularly be kept and taken care of. Do not ignore any of these 10 signs in your body that reveal you are not healthy:

  1. Gray hair before forty

Gray hair is phenomenon that usually depends from the genetics. But if already half of your hair is gray already in the 30th year of life, but there aren’t such cases in your family, it can be a sign of diabetes.

  1. Moles (Birthmarks)

Although most of the moles on the body are harmless and benign, some can be extremely dangerous, particularly those that incurred by sunbathing. Senile and actinic keratosis occur by the action of the sun and its UV radiation and it is positioned in pre-cancerous skin changes.

white in the eyesl

  1. The white in the eyes

The white in the eyes should be white. This part of the eye can detect some dangerous changes in your body except when you’re tired or you caught a cold. The real danger is when the white in your eyes are yellow or red. Yellow can be a sign of jaundice, liver problems and gallbladder, and red could be a sign of high blood pressure or viral disease like conjunctivitis.

  1. Chapped lips

Chapped lips and internal lip wounds can be a sign that you are lack of vitamin B and zinc. If this appearance is common, the reason may be a fungal infection.

  1. Swollen neck

If you notice that your neck looks swollen, ask for an advice of a doctor as soon as possible. Swelling of the front of the neck is usually caused by problems with the thyroid gland and is common in women between 20 and 50 years.

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  1. Eyebrow hair loss

Sudden eyebrow hair loss can be a sign of problems with the thyroid gland – over or underactive thyroid gland. These changes are associated with hair loss too.

  1. Red palms/fingertips

Red palms/fingertips can be a cause of dermatitis, eczema or allergic reactions to metals, drugs, food or beverages. But also, this change may be a sign of liver disease.

  1. Nail Abnormalities

Nails can reveal a lot about the condition of your body and the reasons for those nail changes can be different: heart disease, liver disease, hemochromatosis, iron deficiency anemia etc.

red cheeks

  1. Cold Feet

Raynaud’s disease is an auto-immune disease that causes constriction of the veins on parts of the body like fingers and toes, nose and ears, so that they become cold and pale.



  1. Slapped/red cheeks

Sudden face changes are common in women between 30 and 55 and may be induced by hormonal changes, changes in the temperature and consuming chili food. Red cheeks may also indicate rosacea – a chronic skin disease that mainly includes women and whose cause isn’t known.

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