Recommended Healthy Foods For New Moms

Right, you have popped out a little sprog. Brilliant! However as I am sure you are aware, as much as your love your child it is going to be draining. Your energy stores will very quickly be depleted when you are up all night. This means that you are going to need to eat right if you want to stay feeling fantastic.

You also need to be aware that eating the right foods will also help ensure that your breast milk is of the highest quality possible. This is obviously important as you want to ensure that your child stays healthy. On this page I want to introduce you to some of the best foods that a new mother can consume.

healthy foods for new moms

  • Salmon: This should be right at the top of your list. If you do not like fish then you need to learn to love it…just for a few months. This is because salmon is rich in a fat known as DHA. This fat is vital for the development of the nervous system in a child. If a child does not get enough DHA then problems will occur. Your breast milk will contain some DHA naturally but you can also stand to get a little bit more. It is always worth knowing that DHA will even help to improve your mood (i.e. keep postpartum depression at bay)


  • Dairy products are also vital for the development of your child (low fat dairy products at least). This is because dairy contains Vitamin D. This will help to strengthen the bones of your child. In addition to this the calcium in dairy products will help your child develop. You should be getting three cups of dairy into your diet each day. This will cater for not only your child’s needs but your needs too.

foods for new moms


  • As mentioned previously, the demands of having a new child can be incredibly draining. One of the reasons as to why new mothers feel so drained is the fact that they are not getting enough iron into their diet. The quickest way in which to resolve this is to get hold of some lean beef. This will ensure that not only you are getting enough iron but your child is too. This should hopefully keep you both in perfect condition! If you are not a meat eater then you can eat legumes. They are rich in protein and iron too.


  • Brown Rice: Brown rice is one of those carbs which is healthy to eat. It will keep your energy levels up as well as help to supply vital nutrients to your new born child. Studies have shown that those parents who consume regular brown carbs (i.e. unprocessed stuff) will tend to have better quality breast milk.

Your take home from this page should be the fact that you should be eating as healthy as possible when you are a new mother (and beyond that for that matter). This means eating good foods. You do not want to be eating fat and sugar-laden foods. No good can come from that.

new moms nutrition


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