There are many people who are somewhat confused as to what antibiotics is all about and the function that they tend to play for curing diseases and to maintain the general health. There is a marked difference between medical and natural antibiotics that needs to be understood clearly, so that the right one can be availed and benefitted.

What are antibiotics?

These are considered to be traditional cure-all in regards to the bacterial infections, right from Penicillin discovery made in 1928 by Alexander Fleming.



Today’s major problem is that bacteria is said to have evolved further and has developed a kind of resistance towards such traditional medicines, the reason why people tend to come up with the latest and stronger strains and also increasing dosage, which does cause several side effects like allergic reactions and immunity.

Some of the problems are also caused due to over-prescribing of such medications for several purposes, for which they were actually not designed for, a clear instance of which can be viral infections.

Understanding biological antibiotics

Such type of antibiotics does target disease in different manner to the traditional kind. Rather than having the bacteria targeted, they do aim in curing the very cause to the disease. Therefore, these could be presumed to be much more like a preventative instead of a cure. It does make it quite harder for the disease in developing in the very first instance.


Moreover, such gentle and natural medications do lessen the requirement for harsher medical treatments. Also, it supports the well known facts which the body of the person is known to cure by itself and would perform very well, especially if it possesses the right environment and nutrition.

Where such antibiotics of natural type come from?

This is a question that is asked by many. These are sourced from herbs and plants that are known to have their very own antibiotic compounds for fighting against bacteria, fungi along with the other pathogenic micro-organisms which attack them regularly.

This way, they are quite effect against the bacterial diseases, while in some cases also viral infections like their medical counterparts. Several instances of these could be carvacrol from oregano, allicin from garlic, oleuropein from the olive tree leaves and sulforane from broccoli.

No side effects found

Besides having the wonderful property of zero side effects, these antibiotics could be take for a long term, without actually facing the risk of growing immunity. These are also termed to be effective against specific bacteria strains that have become somewhat resistant to the drugs.



Some people state that such treatment types when compared to the extensively researched pharmaceuticals are somewhat insufficient. This type of argument is mostly put up by the pharmaceutical companies, who might fear losing their profits, since the natural substances do not require any patents. Most of the drugs available today are originally sourced from herbs and plants and then concentrated into forms which are present in the market.

Hence, such natural sources of the drugs, when utilized appropriately, cannot in anyway cause any kind of harm to human beings, therefore is completely reliable and safe.

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