Diet and Weight Loss

Lose Weight for the Summer


Just like many from of the animal kingdom, the humans are also prone to put on a few extra pounds during the long chill of winter. Well the melting is upon us and soon we will be ready to shed these layers in favor of a much more revealing wardrobe. As the time to get back into those swimsuits and exploit our curves while exhibiting our physiques draws near, the time to prepare for it gets shorter.


The following are some fantastic ideas even though a college diet plan can help well. These are dedicated strictly to getting your bikini ready and keeping your health at the focus of your conscious.

  1. Avoid the bloat – Foods like beans, sugars, gluten, and even some forms of dairy generate or feed the bad bacteria in your digestive system. As the bad bacteria multiplies then the swelling in the form of belly bloat begins and some of it can last for days.
  2. Count those calories – Yes, there is a difference in the way calories that you eat affect your body. Learn your macros so you can understand the role that each division plays towards your proteins, nutrition levels, metabolic rate, and the body shape that you are aspiring to achieve.
  3. Choose your drinks accordingly – Water is the best thing you can drink at any level, but it is especially beneficial for losing weight. Soft drinks and even alcoholic drinks are full of sugars and empty carbs that indiscriminately collect at your waist. Even the sugar free versions are full of artificial additives that can contribute to digestion difficulties.
  4. Exercise – It is advised that you set yourself an exercise routine that will help tone muscle, promote your cardiovascular health, and raise your metabolic rate. You also need to endeavor to get up and going by trying the stairs, walking or biking to class, and generally getting out in the sun and fresh air.
  5. Nutritious Choices – Trade out that fast food and snacks full of empty carbs for whole grains, fruits, nuts, and fresh vegetables.
  6. Plan Your Meals – Planning out your meals and snacks will help you make more nutritious choices with a little fore thought put into it and you will be able to eat at regular times on a regular schedule.
  7. Sleep – Getting adequate amounts of rest will help you reduce the urge to eat and avoid those late night binges and sugary cravings.
  8. Portion Control – This type of dieting isn’t about giving up all the foods you love. It is about using moderation in the selections that you make when you eat.
  9. Eat – Eating regularly three meals a day with snacks in between will keep you healthy and allow you to maintain a healthy weight without risking the loss of muscle tissue or sacrificing bone density in the process.
  10. Healthy Fats – Healthy fats are important for you to maintain the ability to process thoughts and focus, along with the optimal performance from your cardiovascular system.


  • Detox with a variety of fresh food choices.
  • Plan ahead for your meals as you travel.
  • Remember that exercise will boost your metabolic rate.
  • Make this endeavor fun with milestones that merit reward.
  • Incorporate the buddy system with some friends.

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