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Jennifer Aniston’s Amazing Detox Diet

jennifer aniston's detox diet1

Although Jennifer Aniston has entered the fifth decade of her life, she can boast of her slender figure. The so-called “lemon” diet that this actress follows is quite well-known in the celebrity circles. After giving up smoking, caffeine and soft drinks a few years ago, Jennifer decided to try one of the detoxification diets. The lemon diet was an ideal choice for her. If you would also like to try it, here are some important facts about it:

jennifer aniston's detox diet

Fresh Lemonade

Jennifer Aniston starts her day with a glass of freshly squeezed lemon juice. The actress claims that lemon juice is the best way to remove toxins. Lemon also helps remove fat and cellulite.

No Convenience Foods

This diet requires avoiding toxins coming from everywhere. You cannot expect successful detoxification if you continue eating processed food. Jen does not eat “unhealthy” food or any other kind of processed food.

Protein and Lettuce

 It is a familiar fact that Aniston used to eat the same salad for almost 10 years when the television series “Friends” ceased to broadcast. This is actually green salad with chicken. The healthy balance of the leafy green vegetable and protein is very important for a slim body and the green vegetable helps the body detoxification.

detox lemon diet

Advantages of the Diet

 The lemon diet shall not only help you reduce your weight, but shall also help you obtain natural glow of your skin. In other words, lemon is very rich in vitamin C which accelerates the regeneration of skin cells. Antioxidants contained in lemon are best for slowing down the aging process. The lemon diet cleanses the body of all toxins, thus prolonging your life and making it much healthier. This diet reduces the possibility of cancer. 

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