How to Improve Your Hearing Naturally

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Healthy food is essential for the overall normal functioning of your body. In the same way, some specific nutrients should be regularly taken in the diet to ensure that specific functions of the body are performed with ease. Here is a list of nutrients that you can take in adequate amounts to boost your hearing capacity:

how to improve your hearing


Potassium is a mineral responsible for controlling the fluids in the blood and body tissues. These in turn ensure proper hearing as the body fluids in the ear are dependent on this mineral’s adequate supply especially in that part of the ear which transforms all the sounds into impulses and the brain then interprets them. The foods that contain adequate potassium are potatoes, tomatoes, bananas, oranges, milk, spinach, raisins, melons, etc.


Folic acid is an essential nutrient in the body that generates growth of new cells. Studies show that supplements of folic acid can reduce loss of hearing by 25%. The human body uses folic acid in order to metabolize homocysteine that reduces circulation. A proper circulation is necessary for keeping the hair cells of the ear healthy and in proper working state. The foods that are rich in folic acid are cereal, spinach, asparagus, broccoli, etc.



Magnesium is a mineral that protects against hearing loss. It fights against the effects of free radicals that are emitted during noise and acts as a barrier for the inner ear. Scarcity of magnesium in the body can cause blood vessels to shrink, and this deprives the ear of adequate oxygen. The foods rich in magnesium are bananas, potatoes, spinach, broccoli, etc.


Zinc strengthens body’s immunity and also helps in healing wounds. It helps in cell growth and keeps away germs that are responsible for causing diseases like common cold and ear infections. Studies show that it is also effective in treating diseases like tinnitus that is caused due to noise pollution and weakening of the hearing system. The foods rich in zinc are beef, chicken, almonds, cashews, beans, peanuts, lentils, oysters, etc.


Vitamin A helps in maintaining a strong immune system. It is also necessary for the eyes and reproductive system. But it also plays a major role in strengthening the hearing ability of a person with age. Studies conducted clearly show that vitamin A supplements help to reduce the risk of severe hearing loss by 50%. Vitamin A is extensively found in carrots, sweet potato, beef, etc.

carrots and sweet potato

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