How to Stop a Heart Attack in Just 1 Minute


Did you know that you can stop a heart attack with simply using red pepper? It’s true. Red pepper can help you stop a heart attack in just 1 minute.

How to use red pepper to stop a heart attack?

Famous healers Dr. John Christopher and Dr. Richard Schulze are firm believers in the benefits of red pepper.
“In 35 years of practice, I’ve never lost a patient to heart attack. The reason for it is the red pepper tea I serve to my patients when they have an appointment. In a cup of hot water, I add 1tbsp. red pepper and the tea is ready in a minute,” explains Dr. Christopher.


These two famous healers and many more talk about the power of red pepper from their own experience.
Here’s how to use red pepper to stop a heart attack:

Firstly, you must use good quality red pepper. If the person is right about to have a heart attack, mix 1 tbsp. of red pepper in a cup of warm water and make the person drink it.

If the person is on conscious, grab a red pepper extract and put 2 drops of it under his tongue. Dr. Christopher has used this method to treat many patients and he’s certain about the powers of red pepper.



Other ways you can use red pepper

You can add some red pepper in your herbal teas. Red pepper can stimulate your organism ,improve your blood flow, improve your digestion and absorption. Red pepper can increase the efficiency of every herbal formula and it’s mainly used in formulas that can treat arthritis, infections, circulation problems, heart problems, laxatives, ulcers etc.


Red Pepper Nutritional Value

Red pepper contains at least 26 nutritive compounds. It contains minerals such as zinc potassium and magnesium. It also contains vitamin A and vitamin C. Not to mention, it’s rich in fibers and carbohydrates.

It seems that red pepper is a gift from God when it comes to heart attacks and it’s smart to carry a small pack of red pepper anywhere you go. You never know when you’re going to need it.

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