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How To Lose Weight With Coconut Oil


Coconut oil is the world most recommended oil that will help you lose the unwanted pounds. This unique combination of fatty acids has a powerful effect on metabolism. Several studies have proven the following: adding coconut oil to your diet, can easily lead to weight loss especially the excessive fat around your abdominal cavity.


This oil is rich in Medium Chain Triglycerides, a type of fatty acids that have a beneficial effect on the metabolism, since they are metabolize differently than other fats. In one study, 1 to 2 tablespoons (15-30grams) of medium chain fats per day increased energy expenditure by 5%, which in total calories intake is only 120 calories.  Sever other studies confirm these findings.


More calories are burn, when the usual fats are replaced with MCT fats. Therefore, a calorie from butter or olive oil is not the same calorie as one from coconut oil. Many studies show that people who consumed medium chain fatty acids, where eating less due to reduced appetite.

But still it’s important to keep in mind the fact that coconut oil is fat. Which means that you will eventually add weight if you combine coconut oil with the fixed amount of calories that you are consuming.

So let’s make this clear, this is not about adding fat calories to your diet but about replacing some of the fats with coconut oil. Remember to be moderate when consuming this oil. Keep in mind that for the studies above only 2 tablespoons of coconut oil was used, which equals 30 grams per day.

Just make sure you use the organic, virgin coconut oil, not the refined stuff, so you may enjoy all the healthy benefits of this extremely popular oil.

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