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How to Get Rid of Period Pain Naturally


You wanna know how to get rid of period pain? You are at the right place. The world’s most useful plant for the menopause is DONG QUAI. This plant has been used in the Chinese medicine for years as a remedy for menstrual cramps that occur in the menopause. This is an effective remedy for anemia caused by iron deficiency as well as for relieving PMS symptoms, especially stomach cramps.


 If you decide to take it because of the premenstrual syndrome, you should know that Dong Quai stimulates bleeding because it acts as a tonic of the uterus, so it is recommended not to be used a few days before and after the menstrual cycle. Dong Quai is rich in vitamin B12. It helps relieve women’s anxiety and emotional distress during menopause and alleviates hot flashes because it cleanses the blood vessels.

how to get rid of period pain

Some women feel improvement immediately after they start taking this remedy, while others need from four to eight weeks to feel the effect of it. If there is no improvement even after this period, it is advised to stop taking it.

The Dong Quai remedy is available in the form of capsules or ground powder. The dried root of this plant is prepared as tea by adding half a teaspoon of powder into a cup of hot water. It can be drunk twice a day. You can take up to 500 mg of capsules twice a day. The Dong Quai extract – 10 to 20 drops three times a day.

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