Honey – Healthy Replacement For Sugar

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One of nature’s perfect and most healthy food is honey. Thanks to the numerous ingredients, honey can be used in our everyday diet as a healthy food choice as well as a medicine.

The most important fact that every housewife should know is that honey doesn’t have an expiration date. If you have in your home jars full of honey that are old for years, don’t worry you are free to use them. The large amounts of sugar,  oxidative enzymes and the low pH values do not allow the development of microorganisms.

honey vs sugar

Honey have so many nutritive ingredients which can fulfill all the special nutritional needs in your diet. Several nutritionists say that by eating a single teaspoon of honey in the morning and evening, you are fulfilling all your daily needs for energy.

If you want to stop consuming sugar because of the negative impacts refined sugar can have on your body, you can start by replacing sugar with honey, but you must be careful how much honey instead of sugar you add while cooking. You can completely change the taste of the meal if you add more honey then the necessary. One table spoon of sugar, which has around 15 grams, can be replaced by a small spoon of honey.

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