Foot Problems For Standing All The Day At Work

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If you are a nurse, sale person or worker in a restaurant, you might suffer from huge workloads. The work might require you to stand in a long shift which is usually from 8 to 12 hours day. Many people in that group have noticed that they experience pain in feet and other different parts of the body.

Even though desk job are known to be not good for your health, standing on your feet all day is even worse. Working on your feet for a long period of time every day can lead to some troubles. A study shows that standing for five hours already cause trouble in lower-limb muscle.

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There are many people earn their living on their feet including line walkers, bank tellers, sales person, etc. However, it may cause a toll on their health generally and their feet especially. A doctoral candidate in Switzerland has stated that two hours of standing does not cause a problem, but the longer time of standing leads to detrimental troubles.

The short-term problem is more likely to occur for people who stand for a longer period. The problems are commonly named as following: leg cramps and backaches. There is a long-term problem associated with standing all day long as well.

Regardless of age and gender, foot problems occur to everyone who needs to work on their feet all the day. A study is conducted on 14 men and 12 women at a different age to prove the statement. Therefore, you should be careful about your feet as soon as possible.

Problems For Standing All Day Long

The most noticeable feeling from extended periods of standing is discomfort. You might feel tired whenever you move your feet around. Besides, you will also have symptoms of swelling and fatigue in your legs. Many parts of the body such as feet, calves, knees, thighs, hips as well as lower back suffer from pain as a result of standing for a long time.

In more serious case, you might notice discomfort and difficulty in mobility. Besides, a prolonged standing is more likely to cause serious health problem than others. There are several diseases that associated with your body when parts of your body are affected. Some of the problems can be named as heart disease, varicose veins chronic venous insufficiency and lower back pain.

A research has shown that people who need to stand for a prolonged period have the problem of pack pain two-time higher than those who just sit for work. When you get older, there are more problems developed in associated with extended periods of standing. Join pain is definitely a highlight example for elderly who coped with continuous standing.

If your feet have developed problems, there are the possibility of having tissue injuries without a proper care. Some of the most common problems for your foot is named as the followings: plantar fasciitis, low back pain, muscle soreness, pregnancy complications, shoulder stiffness, poor posture, joint damage, bad circulation, knee problem, high blood pressure, etc.

Basically, keeping your body and feet from the same posture is totally bad. If you constantly load the same pressure to your feet, you should better give it a break sometimes. Kermit Davis from the University of Cincinnati has suggested that ‘you want routine breaks where you get the blood moving’.

It is not that difficult to take a break. A small break is expected to last for a few minutes. You can have periodically broken every 30 minutes or every one hour. A break is demonstrated as a stand-up and move around in your office or give your leg some stretches. It does strengthen your feet and does not lower but level up your productivity in work.

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Why These Problems Occur?

The myth to solve a problem is to know what the root cause is. Standing is listed as a work-related hazard. When you stand for a prolonged period, your body and feet are forced to keep a same posture and position without a break. For those people who need to work in hard surface, the situation is worse.

In some working environment where you are limited in moving, standing is also worse. When you stand without moving around, your muscles have to work more to keep your body upright. As a result, muscle from your neck to your feet do not have a move and stuck in the same position for a long time.

In addition, without moving your muscle, the blood flow is also reduced as the heart pumped stops. Consequently, your legs and feet do not have enough blood circulation from your heart. It can result in veins inflammation, ankle swell, and muscle ache.

How To Solve These Problems?

The first basic thing you should provide yourself with is a supportive pair of shoes. Many fashionable look shoes are around and seem attractive but do not give you enough support and comfort. This post from ShoesTracker will give you an idea of what makes the best shoes for standing all day ” to ” Check out this guide from ShoesTracker to have an idea of what makes good shoes for standing all day.

In addition, you can always do hamstring and calf stretch. These stretching can be easily done in a workplace and does not take much time. With some stretches, your feet and body will be refreshed and relax for a little while after extended periods of standing.

Last but not least, you can add custom orthotics to give your feet extra supports. There are many providers offer separate orthotics which you can add on to your footwear. It can release leg pain since your muscle, fascia, and skeleton are in the right posture. If you are not sure about choosing good orthotics, you can always consult podiatrist and experts.

Finally, you are suggested to change your position regularly. When you move around with a small walking, you and improve your blood circulation. You can find sometimes to do alternative sitting instead of standing all the time.

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