Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy


1. Soft Cheese and Undercooked or Raw Eggs

Pregnant women should avoid foods produced using some cooked or raw eggs like cakes, cheese cake, homemade mayonnaise, mousses and sorbets. Make sure that you thoroughly cook any products which are made from egg before eating.


2. Undercooked Meats and Nitrates

As with the raw or undercooked eggs, meat which is not cooked thoroughly can contain bacteria as well as parasites that can affect the growth of your baby quite seriously. In addition, avoid hot dogs, bacon and most of the sandwich meats as they could be full of nitrates.

3. Alcohol

There are several known birth abnormalities and defects related with the consumption alcohol during pregnancy. Each time a pregnant women consumes alcohol, it passes in the placenta, as a result of which it is consumed by her child as well.

None of the levels of alcohol can be considered as safe during the pregnancy periods. And daily intake can result in a condition which is known as fetal alcohol syndrome.

4. Shellfish, Raw Fish & Sushi

Consuming raw fish can possibly spread tapeworms and other organisms. A tape-worm could suck up the essential nutrients away which might hence deprive the growth of your child.

5. Alfalfa and Similar Raw Sprouts

The place where most of the sprouts are developed is a breeding area for microbes. Adult people may be able to fight the bacteria, however it is better that you avoid taking a risk with your child. Stay away from alfalfa sprouts even if you grow them individually as they have a natural pollutant.


6. Junk Foods

Your child receives all its vitamins and minerals from you. Hence, you must include a nutritious diet in your daily routine. If you keep on eating junk, you will not have any room left for a nutritious food which can actually help your child develop strong, healthy & beautiful.

7. Fish which is high in mercury

Even though omega -3 in fish oils are crucial for the brain development and health of your child, some types of fish, primarily swordfish, shark and mackerel can be very high in mercury which is a harmful and heavy metal.

It’s toxic to you as well as your child. It is best to restrict your consumption of fresh fish while supplementing the diet in your pregnancy with the help of guaranteed 100 percent toxin free fish oil supplements for improved levels of omega-3.

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