Diet and Weight Loss

Everything You Need to Know About Fat and Muscles

fat and muscle

Our body needs essential fat to function normally. That is approximately 3% of body weight in men and 12% in women. Storage fat, on the other hand, is expendable. The best way to rid yourself of the fat and bring in the muscles is to combine a well-balanced diet with a well-rounded exercise programme.

  1. Cut back on calories

This is simple math: You must take in fewer calories than you burn to drop body mass. One way to go about it is to keep a journal of your meals for a few days to see where you are at and where the cuts can be made. Is it alcohol, sweets, or too big portions? After getting to know thy enemy, adjust your eating habits according to your goals. Keep in mind that you do not want to starve yourself to death, you merely want to break habits. You should consult with a professional about your diet, because of one very solid reason – you lose fat through cardio, and cardio is very exhausting. Unless you have enough energy to begin with, you might severely and permanently damage your health.

fat and muscle

  1. Take less carbs

Our body draws energy from carbohydrates, but when it uses up the carbs stores, it starts burning fat to get the much-needed energy. What you want to do is keep your body’s carb levels at a functional minimum, but present nonetheless, so that it would would turn to fat sooner. If you are trying to lose weight, simply avoid carbs before and during your training sessions.

  1. Eat more frequently

Whenever you eat, your metabolism burns calories. The more meals per day, the more your body surges and the leaner figure you will have. Six to eight small meals a day are ideal, with less than 3 hours between the meals. Anything longer than that would cause your body to go into the starvation mode and deposit body fat.

  1. Do not train yourself to death

The number of repetitions and sets, and the time you spend in the gym is entirely individual, but you should know your limits. Beating yourself up with exercise will wear your muscle mass which you need to lose fat. Know that cardio is for fat loss, strength training is for building muscle, and with this in mind, you don’t even have to go to the gym. You could set yourself up with jogging around the block, and then some light lifting around the home. Of course, you will see results sooner if you worked with a professional trainer, so a gym is a great choice for anybody deadset on losing weight.

Not to mention that the machines are simply better than anything you can pull off at home. But do not push it either place: count the time you spend in a gym, don’t train till you feel like puking. Forget CrossFit. Train as intensely as you feel comfortable, make shorter breaks in between sets, and even if you feel you could exercise some more, stop after a preset amount of time, and take your Vital Strength Hydroxy Ripped to maximize muscle growth. Supplements will help you accomplish what years of lazing about taught your body not to do.

  1. Make progress

Our muscles remember the stimuli and tend to get lazy. You need to change at least some aspect of your training to make progress. Reduce the rest periods between the sets, increase number of sets, or use different arm moves.

muscle and fat

  1. Eat before going to bed

That is right. If you eat your dinner early, and then have a late breakfast, you can easily go for 11 to 12 hours without eating. No food means burning the muscles. It does not have to be a feast, just a small protein meal before bed.

  1. Do not expect too much too soon

Beginners at workouts tend to give their 100% and get disheartened when they see no results after a week or so. You need to persevere in order to get the lean muscular body you want.

What is your workout routine?


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