Device That Turns Coca-Cola into Drinking Water (Video)

device that turns coca-cola into drinking water1

In some parts of the world, Coca Cola is not only less expensive than clean drinking water, it’s also more readily available.

To make matters worse, Coke is likewise capable of triggering significant illness for any individual who consumes too much of it, and the business appears to feel no regret about it. That part is exactly what motivated Netherlands-based artist and inventor Helmut Smits to develop a device called “The Real Thing,” that can turn Coca-Cola into pure water.

device that turns coca-cola into drinking water

“The Real Thing” is generally a still that boils off water from a Coke through vapor, then condenses it back down, includes some minerals and produces clean drinking water. Smits has no intention to produce the device. It was just part of the “Sense Nonsense” exhibition revealed at Dutch Design Week, which simply wrapped up in Holland at the end of last month.

While lots of people still take a look at Coke and see a tasty, “refreshing” beverage, this Dutch innovator took a look at it and saw something totally different and decided to show the world his own sense of creativity.

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