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Combine Fitness and Nutrition for the Ultimate Leg Workout

Combine Fitness and Nutrition for the Ultimate Leg Workout

Everyone who is frequents the gym knows that the proper leg workout is the most difficult one. Containing body’s largest muscles, the leg day requires a lot of energy and strength. However, seeing as how muscles below the waist are the most used ones, it is difficult to give them a challenge, but skipping that weekly round of workout would be a huge mistake, as bottom extremities provide balance, stance strength and influence the spine positively, if done in a proper way.

Combine Fitness and Nutrition for the Ultimate Leg Workout


Furthermore, having tiny legs can cause one to look downright ridiculous. In combination with proper nutrition, we’ll help you go through it.

The Nutrition Aspect

We all know that what we eat influences our energy, but when it comes to working out, a question of when is added to the equation. Opinions here are divided. Some say that one should eat a small meal (usually fruit or an energy bar is advised) before workout, while others claim that eating a high-protein meal the night before the gym day is crucial. While this doesn’t necessarily have to be a rule of thumb for other muscle zones, the real perplexity lies in leg muscles.

As mentioned, these take up a hefty amount of energy, so it’s no wonder that many an expert advises eating before. Although some regard carbing up as crucial before the leg day, others say eating what you would normally is the name of the game. What’s certain is that whether, when and how much you eat before leg day can’t really hurt, unless you overdo it. We suggest taking it slow, feeling everything out and seeing what works the best for your genetics and metabolism combo.

Best Leg Exercises


Exercises that involve bottom extremities are hard, powerful, rewarding and exhausting. The benefits are huge, from improving your standing stance, to bettering your balance, and if done properly, may even relieve back pain.

However, if done in a wrong way, they can turn a real nightmare. In addition, by using commercial fitness equipment (which may be expensive, but goes through various testing and therefore is safe), you diminish the risk of being injured by huge percentage. Here is a quality workout routine which, if done properly, can improve your strength from the waist below and even more:

  • Start off with the front squat exercise, by setting a barbell on a power rack at about shoulder height. Overhand grip is the name of the game here. Now, all you need to do is start squatting.
  • In order to perform a Romanian Deadlift, hold the barbell no wider than your shoulders and start bending your hips back as far as you can and then forward, while slightly bending your knees.
  • Swiss Ball Leg Curl is a fantastic exercise that engages your legs, as well as your glutes and abs. Squeeze your abs tight and raise your hips into the air while resting (no actual resting is done here) your legs on the Swiss ball. From there, start bending your knees while rolling the ball back toward you.


These are quite difficult exercises, so three is enough for the leg day.

Keep in mind that both nutrition and quality exercise is crucial in order to improve your leg musculature. Whether it’s the food part, or the actual workout, you should progress by feeling out what fits your body. Remember that we’re all different from one another, so no one can exactly tell you what works best for you, you have to deduce it yourself.

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