Coconut Sugar – Healthy Sugar Substitute or a Big Fat Lie?


Coconut sugar is rapidly gaining acceptance amongst both diabetic & non-diabetic consumers as a healthy sugar alternative. Coconut sugar – It is a natural sugar which originates from the blossoms of coconut trees.


Producing coconut sugar is basically a 2 step procedure. The initial step consists of harvesting the coconut sap & then boiling the recently gathered sap in order to remove the moisture which is contained inside the sap. In Tapping (harvesting the coconut sap), a farmer climbs on the topmost part of the coconut tree & cuts the spadix which causes a sap which is naturally sweet to come out.

The sap, also called as “toddy” is then gathered in bamboo vessels & then located in huge wok later. The sap is then located under modest heat in order to fade the moistness & condense it to crystals. The final result you get is a coconut sugar.


Coconut sugar contains a glycemic index – 35 +-5. Elements like its harvest time, position of the tree, coconut species & shrinking process may disturb its glycemic index however the avg. is 35. Coconut sugar is known as a food with lower level of glycemic index & this marks it a standard choice over conventional refined sugar having a glycemic index – 80.

GI (Glycemic Index) is a place of carbohydrate foodstuffs as per their glucose reply relative to a normal glucose solution. Carb foods which breakdown rapidly during breakdown have the maximum glycemic index whereas foods which have a tendency to breakdown gently, discharge glucose slowly into your blood stream, contain a lower glycemic index level.

Foods which have Glycemic Index of 70 or above are categorized as high GI, those with 56-69 as medium GI; while the rest from 0-55 as low GI. As coconut sugar comes in a low glycemic index category, it’s becoming a standard choice amongst the diabetics & health conscious.

Unlike brown sugar & polished table sugar that are largely processed & have a stable taste from one box to the other, coconut sugar isn’t processed as much and color, flavor and taste can greatly change from one box to the other even if they’re the same sort.

coconut sugar


The normal color can be golden brown however it could be as faint as cream to as black as dark brown. These factors depends upon how Mother Nature created it.

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