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Burn 600 Calories in 4 Minutes with These 4 Simple Exercises

burn fat with exercises

You already planned your vacation but the excess weight bothers you? Try these simple exercises that will take only 4 minutes of your day.


man and women abs


Each of these 4 exercises is done in 1 minute and they are very effective.

1. Jumps

jumps exercisel

It is about jumps with open arms and legs. Jump and in the same moment spread your arms and legs, and when you stand on the ground you put the extremities back together. Ten jumps will be enough.

2. Squats


You need to stand and keep your feet in line with your shoulders. Extend arms out straight and squat down. The point is to feel the pressure on the hips, not on your knees.

3. Push ups

push ups on wall


Try to do at least 10 pushups. If the default pushups are difficult for you, then begin with some easy ones like those on the video below =>>

4. Forward Step-up

Forward Step-up


Make a step forward with one leg and kneel with the other. Make at least 10 repetitions with each leg and stretch as far as you can.

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