Avoid the Food Poisoning: How to Recognize Spoiled Meat

how to recognize spoiled meat

Eating spoiled or rotten meat is the most common cause of food poisoning in the summer. It is very important to recognize it in order to protect yourself.

spoiled meat

We do not have to repeat that the first and most important step is checking the expiration date. Once you do this, still, you need to examine these 3 signs too:

1. Color

The meat can be spoiled even the date has not expired, so carefully check its color. Proper poultry meat should be blue-white to yellow, and the correct color of pork meat is gray-pink. Minced meat can easily fool you, so our advice is not to consume it. The color of the baby beef is another trap because it is associated with the red color. But that color isn’t natural. Red is due to the long contact of the meat with the air meaning that the meat is either not good vacuum-packed or well-kept in the right conditions and it is risky for consumption.

2. Smell

Another way to determine whether the meat is safe to eat is to check its smell. If it has uncomfortable smell, leave it. Chicken meat has easily recognizable smell when it starts to rot. Some markets use chemical additives for the meat to look fresh even if the expiration date is coming close, so it is always the smartest thing to smell it before you buy it.


3. Slimy Texture

The spoiled meat often gets slimy texture due to the reproduction of bacteria on it.

Important: Poor boiled or poor roasted meat can be equally bad even if there isn’t bacteria on it.

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