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Aronia- A Piece of Gold for Your Organism


Aronia is a plant which presents an antioxidant bomb to the organism. It is interesting due to the fact that there is no risk of insect attack and so it doesn’t need pesticide protection, which only confirms the health value for the organism.

Aronia berries are similar with the regular berries we know so well, which is difficult to discern between the both. Aronia is a powerful plant because it can withstand temperatures to 45 degrees below zero. People in the past used aronia in preparation of various medicines, because of Its incredible healing properties. According to recent research, aronia is great in dealing with free radicals in the organism.  It is rich with flavonoids, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B6, B12, B1, calcium, potassium, manganese, phosphorus and many more useful vitamins and minerals which are a true blessing for the organism.

Scientists say that it would be ideal if people would consume at least 20 grams daily of this fruit. They affirm the beneficial effect of the aronia in battle with various carcinomas, especially carcinoma of the large intestine.


Health Benefits of Aronia :

● Better circulation

● Speed up the healing process of wounds

● Boosts metabolism

● Better immunity and protects the thyroid gland, pancreas and kidney

These are just a few beneficial factors that this plant can offer. The flowers of this plant have several white petals. The leaves start out as dark green, proceed to lighten, get yellow and end up as dark red.

aronia-seed full of life



You can make almost anything from aronia, like a regular fruit salad, marmalade, juice etc. You can’t go wrong with whichever way you use it. Aronia is a plant that has a remarkably magical effect on health because every seed you take is a piece of gold for your organism.

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