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Amazing Homemade Remedy for Sore Throat

During these periods, the throat can often be sore and troublesome. Instead of immediately going to the pharmacy and looking for various antiseptics and pills, create the remedy yourself. This is a remedy which is natural, safe and free from any side effects.

sage herb

 Necessary ingredients:

● 1 cup of water

● One tablespoon of sage

● One teaspoon of baking soda



Heat water until it starts boiling and then remove it from the fire immediately. Add the sage and let the water cool. After that, add the soda and stir well.

Consumption method:

It is best to start this therapy immediately after feeling scratching or weak pain in the throat as in that case the pain shall be cured entirely without any additional therapy. If the inflammation is in the more advanced stage, then this drink can be consumed to reduce pain and improve breathing along with the prescribed therapy. Take one sip 5-6 times a day. Do gargles and spit everything out. Keep the liquid on the throat as long as possible before spitting it out. We must note that it does not have a very pleasant taste, but the results are excellent.

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