9 Foods to Help You Sleep

foods to help you sleep

If you find it difficult to shut your eyes, then you need this 9 food ideas to get a good night’s sleep.

Below is the list of 9 foods that will help you sleep.

foods for good sleep

1. Almonds:

Almonds contain magnesium which will help you to relax your muscles and promote sleep within few hours. They also supply protein that helps to stable your blood sugar level while you are sleeping.

2. Tea:

There are some decaf varieties that will help you to get into sleep mode, like tea. It is better to avoid caffeine drinks at the time of evening hours, so that it doesn’t induce you to awake the whole night. To help get a good sleep, it is better to have a tea. You can also go for green tea which contains theanine which will help promote sleep.

tea for good sleep

3. Banana:

If you have a banana before going to bed, then it is definiate that you will fall in sleep. It is high in magnesium, potassium, tryptophan that helps to relax overstressed muscles and induce sleep.

4. Dairy:

Dairy like milk, cheese, yogurt are good source of tryptophan, calcium which is one of the best sleep-inducing nutrient that would relax your senses and help you to get a good and relaxed sleep.

5. Miso soup:

This is a broth-based soup in Japanese. If you keep this Miso soup pack at your home, then you won’t have trouble sleep when you are not getting one. It contains amino acids which is a natural hormone that induce yawning and ultimately it will result sleeping.

6. Oatmeal:

It is rich in magnesium, silicon, phosphorus, calcium and potassium. All these nutrients help to induce good sleep with fewer minutes. But remember not to add too much sugar, as it will have anti-calming effect on the body. 

7. Hard-Cooked Egg:

Hard-cooked eggs is one of the best pre-bedtime snack that you can try to get good sleep. It is high in protein, sleep carb, which will help you to fall asleep. If you have problem getting sleeping, then have one Hard-cooked egg every night to get a good night sleep.

8. Cherries:

A glass of cherry juice will drastically bring a change in your sleeping habits. Particularly dart cherries, which is naturally boosted with melatonin that help people who have got the problem of insomnia. Sipping a glass of cherry juice will help you get a refreshing sleep every night.


9. Cereal:

If you taking a small bowl of cereal before bed, especially those who are low in sugar then it is definiate to get a good sleep within few hours. The milk and cereal are high in protein, tryptophan that induce sleep-inducing effects that will relax the blood stream and muscles.

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