8 Best Ways to Treat Adrenal Fatigue


Adrenals are special glands that can be found on top of your kidneys. They are one of the most important glands in your organism because have a few crucial roles. One of the most important roles is releasing of the anti-stress hormones. When we speak about anti-stress hormones it is necessary to mention the adrenal fatigue that develops because the adrenals work below optimal level particularly after delayed period of stress. This state can live you tired most of your day without any particular cause.


In this modern time of busy working schedules, pollution, toxins and terrible diet habits the stress level is so high that this condition is sky-rocketing. However, the medical professionals don`t give this condition such an important role as they should. Even though, there is not one known cure for adrenal fatigue until this day.

We should mention that adrenal fatigue does not happen in just one stressful day. It is a process that starts to accumulate little by little and after few years of emotional stress or constant change in your life that contributes for your high stress level, this condition starts to show it`s sighs.

Even if there is no cure for adrenal fatigue a great change in the lifestyle and the diet of the person suffering can actually help a lot. First and foremost, the recovery of the adrenalin is the most important thing as well as not draining the adrenals any further.

There are a few tips that doctors give their patients in the process of coping with chronic fatigue:

1.     At least 8 hours of quality sleep each night is essential for improving your condition

2.    Stress-free environment is the key point to speedy recovery

3.    A lot of specialist and medical personnel recommend meditation as one of the most effective ways of dealing with adrenal fatigue. It is actually proven to help in more than 80% of the cases.

4.    Avoid people with negative energy or people that cause you emotional stress, as much as possible.

5.    Stay away from coffee and others caffeinated liquids, because they stimulate the adrenaline to release more adrenaline and you can feel exhaustion much faster than usual.

6.    Junk food is a big no. Why? Well this kind of food as well as the food rich in carbohydrates and sugar is full with chemicals and harmful fats that will make you more exhausted than you already are.

7.    Consume sea salt if you want to recover faster, because it is full with minerals that are essential for a good function of the adrenals.

8.    If you are a workout junky it is crucial that you stay away from hard workouts and complex exercises because you need to give your adrenal glands the much needed rest.


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