5 Ways to Eat Healthy When You Are Busy

eating on work

Being busy during the day is one of the biggest excuses for not eating healthy and not looking after our health. But if we are all honest, not looking after your health because you are too busy is like driving your car with low gas and telling yourself, you are too busy driving, so you can’t stop.

So, how can you succeed at school, balance your family life, work life, and also still stay healthy?


Here are some ways you can eat healthy that have helped me in my own life:

1. Take all your meals to work with you

This helps to save you time, money and also stops you putting weight on! It can be a hassle to start, but you get use to it! Starting a new routine takes time. It soon ends up becoming second nature. If you have plans in the evening, try taking healthy snacks with you, like vegetables chopped or handheld fruit.

2. Organize your meals ahead of time

Prepare meals at the weekends for your lunches. Buying Tupperware containers and filling them with salads or casseroles is a good idea for a healthy week of eating! Most foods you prepare in advance will stay in your fridge fresh for several days. Make time and try to spend one or two hours every weekend bulk cooking, and you’ll be glad you did.

3. Make a meal in a crockpot for your dinner

Whether you have an entire family at home to cook for or you are single, a slow cooker is always great choice. Every single day that I go to school and work, I like preparing a crockpot dish just before I go out my front door. I like placing chopped onions at the bottom of my crockpot, then add a layer of pre-sliced mushrooms, throw in some meat, spices and some vegetables, you might want to try adding a can of organic tomato sauce or a beef or chicken. It’s not hard. Look up successful recipes for crockpots and try a few different ones.

healthy eating when you are busy

 4. Consider using smoothies and shakes for breakfast

Throwing ingredients, a protein powder, berries and other things into a blender takes about 20 seconds and easy to do. It then normally takes only seconds for you to rinse your blender out when you’re done with it. I don’t’ eat solid foods nowadays for breakfast instead I enjoy a fast protein shake. Not as much mess, less time to prepare, and just as filling, plus very healthy!

5. Try to watch how much booze you are drinking

Most people find themselves turning to alcohol to help them relax during stressful times because for most of us it’s the easiest thing to use besides food for comfort. Drinking all the time however can lead to problems, lethargy and forgetfulness, just to name two of them. How is that helpful? Well it’s not really helpful at all. So try and limit yourself! Limiting yourself is better for your health. Alcohol can cause many health problems!

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