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5 Things You Must Know About the Lemon Detox Diet


The lemon detox diet is very simple, and consists of purely taking laxatives and drinking lemon juice. Also known as the Master cleanse diet or the master cleanser, it was introduced back in the 1940’s by Stanley Burroughs as a way to cure stomach ulcers.

The Lemon Detox Diet Plan


The original diet known as the lemon detox diet was a fast that lasted ten days and consisted of your drinking at least 6 glasses of lemon water each day that included 2 tablespoons of maple syrup, 2 tablespoons of lime or lemon, 10 oz of water and 1 tenth of a teaspoon of cayenne pepper. As well as consuming these six glasses of lemon water every day, it is required that you also take a laxative both first thing in the morning as well as after the evening meal in order to ensure that waste is successfully moved along in the intestine.

Lemon Detox Diet for Your Detox

The water that is present in the lemon detox plan plays an important part in the body’s ability to detox as part of the lemon detox diet. When you fast for several days at a time and only intake water, not only will the body quickly rid itself of toxins, it will also stop taking in new toxins that would otherwise build up in the body. Many people fail to drink the recommended daily amounts of water, and when you use the lemon detox plan, the large quantity of water you consume aid in diluting the toxins that are present in the bloodstream and will allow the kidneys and liver to work efficiently at getting rid of the harmful toxins and waste in the body.

The Lemon Detox Diet as Part of a Weight Loss Plan

If you want to detox and lose weight, then the lemon detox diet is as efficient as water fast. During you fast you will be providing the body with just a few essential nutrients that are found in the lemon water such as the cayenne pepper, syrup, and the lime or lemon. By fasting, the body is forced to use up stores of fast in order to gain the energy needed, this meaning that you will lose weight quickly and efficiently. As well as losing weight by fasting and burning up fat reserves, you will lose weight when old waste is moved along the intestines and excreted.


When you use the lemon detox diet as your weight loss plan, you will gain some essential carbohydrates from the maple syrup in the lemon water; these carbs will however be quickly used up and will not be stored as fat. For this reason, the lemon detox plan is as efficient for losing weight as ten day water only fast would be.

Role of the Cayenne Pepper, Lemon and Maple Syrup

The lime or lemon in the diet will alkalize the body, aiding the immune system to wake up white blood cells that have been dormant and that have become immobile due to high levels of acidity on the environment. Lemon juice is also an excellent digestive aid as it will fight away H. pylori bacteria that are harmful contributors to stomach ulcers.

The maple syrup ingredient in the diet provides not just essential carbohydrates during your fast but also zinc and manganese that help to support your immune system. The Cayenne pepper stimulates the metabolism and increases the body temperature, both of these helping the body to lose weight quickly and efficiently.

Lemon Detox Diet Benefits

When you take part in the lemon detox diet, the majority of the weight you lose will be due to the water intake. Flushing away toxins and not allowing more to enter because of the water you are drinking; the body will rapidly flush away toxins. You will lose mainly due to the water fasting element of the diet, but the lemon or lime, syrup and cayenne pepper will also provide other benefits to your body.


The lemon detox plan will cleanse the intestines, but it will not deal with waste that is really impacted onto the walls of the intestines. For this you will need more than just a fast so the diet is not a means to an end. When you have a build up of waste on the walls of the intestine, this waste will continue to be dumped directly back into the body. To ensure that toxins do not build up, your body will need fiber in the diet, and fiber is not found in processed foods or dairy, so you need to be careful to include fiber in the diet too. The diet is only a short term fasting solution and should not be used over long period of time as it lacks many of the vital nutrients that your body needs to function correctly.

The lemon detox diet however is an excellent jumpstart mechanism to a healthy eating plan that should include plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, a long term healthy diet combined with a short lemon detox diet being the perfect solution to your weight loss and healthy living plan.

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