Fruits and Vegetables

5 Simple Ways to Keep Your Food Fresh


We are sure it often happens to you some fruit or vegetable to get quickly soft or even rot in the fridge or out of it. There are a few simple ways you can do, not to throw your food away to soon unnecessarily.

1. Bananas



To prevent the color changing of bananas from yellow to brown (then comes rot), you need to do one simple thing. Wrap the stems with a plastic wrap – this is the place through which air enters and causes faster banana rotting.

2. Celery



If the celery and similar vegetables become soft and wet for a short time that means you don’t keep them the right way. Wrap them nicely with an aluminum foil and put them in the fridge that way. The foil will keep the vegetable fresh.

3. Coffee



Whether the coffee is grind or not, to keep its aroma and freshness do not keep it in the bag it comes with. Instead, put the coffee in a jar or any glass container. That way you will prevent the entry of air, thus losing the freshness of the coffee.

4. Onion and Tomatoes

tomato and garlic


Do not keep onions and tomatoes in the refrigerator. Instead put them on a shelf in the kitchen and away from the sun. This will allow them to “breathe” and not get wet from the fridge.

5. Cucumbers



When it comes to cucumbers, it is good not to keep them in the fridge but never near tomatoes. Tomatoes contain ethylene gas which makes the rotting of the cucumbers faster.

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