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5 Signs it is High Time for a Gentle Detox


You wake up and open the windows of your bedroom, slightly squinting in the sunlight and breathing in the fresh air… wrong. You breathe in some air with a side dish of pollutants and toxins. The truth is that we are responsible for the majority of the environmental hazards we are surrounded with.

The first one that comes to mind is cigarette smoke, what with smoking being a major hobby in most places in the world. Benzene, CO2, and other chemical emissions are also noteworthy. It really is high time we start doing something to stop the havoc we are causing, but on a smaller scale, each one of us could help our own body detox.

A successful way to cleanse out in way that is quite enjoyable, truthfully speaking, is to consume detox teas. For countries where drinking tea is an everyday practice this is easy, but teas can be ‘introduced’ in other parts of the world too. In Australia, a ‘cup of tea’ has become second nature. “Would you like a cuppa?” is how Australians greet you.



The art of tea blends has reached enviable standards there, and a good Australian detox tea mix is a popular choice for health conscientious communities. Sit, relax and have a cuppa, you might like it and do it at home.

Why detox though?

Weight loss. From a minor buzzkill to a real health menace in well developed countries. It has come to the point where governments actively participate in providing transparency to nutritious values of our food. Again, on a smaller scale, detox drinks also work as weight loss drinks – they satiate you right before lunch and help you digest smaller portions better, and faster.

Stress. The number one health issue with adults is definitely stress. Tulsi tea is an original product that will address stress in an instant. The product, native to India, brings fantastic results in minimizing stress. It is rich in antioxidants and it boosts energy levels as well as supporting immunity so important for our bodies to stay awake and positive.

Immunity/Relaxation. Another product with great results is so-called tangerine ginger tea (schizandra berries are an essential ingredient). Both ginger and schizandra address issues like immunity and coughs, for example.

detox tea

Sleep/Insomnia. Organic rooibos combined with chamomile, passionflower and valerian will very quickly control your sleeping patterns. The benefits of this combination of detox teas is that it won’t interfere with your REM sleep pattern, as opposed to most sleeping pills.

Cleansing. A detox tea which is a fusion of many different detoxifying herbs – clover, dandelion, ginger, Chinese licorice and burdock supports the functions of various organs in your body like liver, kidneys, lungs and blood/heart. Immediate results show as your skin gets healthier and brighter.

Major research proves that in this fight to detoxify, our body will come to its own assistance. It is naturally predisposed to cleanse itself of the negative substances it comes into contact with. Research also shows that a number of people are getting used to feeling ‘not so well’ and that should not be the case.

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