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5 Herbs That Will Help You Detox Naturally

herbs for detox

If you always thought that the detoxification was a work of professional with the help of chemical, then think again. In our ayurvedic books, you will find a lot of herbs that actually prove as a miracle, when it comes to detoxify our body in a natural way.

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Below is the list of five herbs that will help you detox naturally:

1. Turmeric:

Turmeric helps us to protect our liver from all the toxin that enters our body because of its antioxidant and anti-flammatory properties. It helps to make the stool soft as well as its help to increased the bile production by over 100 percent in an natural way, which helps to detoxify naturally. Because of this particular affinity, Turmeric is used in a lot of detoxification program. Read more about Turmeric Face Mask here .

2. Bentonite clay and fiber:

Both of this herb are used as detoxifying agent from a very long time. It helps to remove the excess fats and toxin within the bowel. During the process, all the toxin, which is loaded in the bowl is increased. So that the accumulation of this toxin doesn’t get in the gut. It attracts all the toxins and help to eliminate directly from the body.

3. Milk thistle:


It helps our body by protecting the healthy cells that is present in the liver from any free radical damage as well as from the inflammation that is caused during the enterance of toxins. It also regenerates the new cells and mop up all the toxin elements from our body. You will not find any adverse effect from Mill thistle, if you use it as a detox medium.

4. Burdock:

Burdock contains fructo-oligo-saccharides is a high level, which helps in increasing the bifidobacterium which helps to eliminate all the toxins like bacterial pathogens from our body. It also helps to make the stool pass easily, as it make it soft. The beneficial bifidobacterium will also protect the body from any toxin elements to enter our body as well.


5. Dandelion:

It is beneficial for kidney and liver, both. It helps to flush out all the toxin elements present in the body, with the help of potassium-sparing effects. It also protects our kidney from kidney stones. They are dried, so that it can be used for detoxification process.


These are some of the herbs that will help you detoxify your body completely in a natural way and will strengthen your immune system as well for a healthier lifestyle.

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