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5 Easy Ways to Boost Your Metabolism After Age 40

Have you ever wondered what is metabolism and how to boost your metabolism if it’s even possible to do that? In this article you will find all your answers. First of all, yes, you can boost your metabolism with few easy changes. Continue reading and find out how you can do that.

What is metabolism?

Metabolism is actually the process of converting the calories of what you eat and drink into energy. This is a complex process in which the calories are combined with oxygen to release the energy that the body needs to function normally. So, it literally means that the calories from the beer and the burger you ate will be turned into the energy you need to clean the house or do any other tasks with your body.

But the question is what will happen if you eat the burger, drink the beer and go to bed right after that?

So obviously those calories will be stored for another day, for the day when you will be in short supply of energy. Meanwhile, the calories you didn’t use will be stored around your belly until you need them.
In modern society, when shortage of food doesn’t really exist, you don’t really need to call those stored calories. But then you start to ask yourself how to lose some pounds and how to get rid of that stubborn fat around the belly.
The best way to drop those extra pounds is to boost the metabolism. Of course, you can’t lose the pounds magically, but you will definitely see the difference if you implement these five tips.

In the begging, let’s clarify something about the slow metabolism. Slow metabolism is not always the cause of weight gain. Although the metabolism impacts the body’s basic energy needs, your weight is determined by how much you eat and how much you move.

This is great because even if you have bad genetics, you can control your metabolic fingerprint, by making some changes. You can simply boost the slow metabolism with few lifestyle changes.
Also you need to remember that your body needs energy all the time to accomplish the vital functions as respiration, blood circulation, organ function, digestion and so on. That means that the body burns calories even when it seems to be at rest. This is called “basal metabolic rate” and it’s determined by few factors as sex, age and body composition.

Here are 5 ways how to boost your metabolism after 40
1. Caffeine

If you’re coffee lover, we have good news for you. Caffeine is found to significantly increase metabolism. Recently, a study has shown that the subjects that were given 8mg/kg of caffeine showed increased metabolism for up to three hours. Also there was noted increased fat oxidation.
But you need to remember that while it can be used as metabolism booster, the caffeine can also be bad for the adrenal glands if it’s over used. There is a point where you need to diminish the intake of caffeine. If you don’t feel the effects of caffeine anymore, it means you are over-caffeinated and it’s a sign to put your coffee cup down.

2. Sleep

Maybe you can’t significantly boost the metabolism from sleeping, but you will definitely make damage to your metabolism if you’re sleep deprived. Chronic sleep deprivation can cause inability to manage the blood sugar levels normally. It also increases the levels of the NYP protein which is responsible for slow metabolism and increased appetite – two things you want to avoid.
Also sleep deprivation provoke low levels of serotonin and dopamine, which will increase cravings for foods rich in carbohydrates. Furthermore, the lack of sleep increases the stress and belly fat storing hormone, cortisol.
This should motivate you to have solid 7-8 hours of sleep per night if you want to get rid of the belly fat.

3. Eating

And more good news! Eating will help you to stimulate your metabolism!
Or more precisely, NOT eating will suppress your metabolism. When the human body is not receiving enough energy, it goes into survival mode to survive with less calories. This is the reason why low calorie diets result with gaining weight.
The body will function more efficiently if it has enough fuel, so make sure to provide regular meals. And bring on the protein if you want to have higher energy expenditure at rest.

4. Exercise

Exercising is one of the best ways to increase your metabolism, but some types of exercises can be more effective than others. For example long cardio workouts do more to dampen metabolism than raise it.

5. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Much better choice is the HIIT with short bursts to spike the heart rate. EPOC or post exercise oxygen consumption will help you to burn calories for up to 30 hours after exercising.
The magic formula is when you combine HIIT with resistance training. The resistance training will help you to increase the lean muscle tone and maintain your lean mass. And muscles burn more calories than fat when in rest, so definitely is the magic behind the elevated metabolism.

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