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5 Bedtime Rituals You Need To Follow To Lose Weight

If you are trying to lose weight, you would know how important it is to eat a healthy diet, engage in physical activity and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Today we know diets don’t work. Restricting calories again and again alters your metabolism. That’s why so many people put back the weight they lost while dieting, plus more.

But, there a few more things that you need to keep in mind in order to lose weight, the healthy way; for example, following certain bedtime rituals that will help you lose weight. What you also need to understand is that weight is a gradual process and it can take months to get to your goal. Apart from the diet and exercise you need to be wary about certain things you do at night, which may include, which time you have food, et al. We tell you some bedtime rituals that you should follow to lose weight effectively.


1. Have peppermint tea

Right before going to bed, make yourself some peppermint tea that is known to help you shed kilos. All you need to do is to steep peppermint leaves in hot water for a few minutes and strain the tea and drink it warm. You can also add some honey to it. This will not only help burn fat but also help you wake up refreshed.

2. Try not to have alcohol

During REM sleep is when our bodies can burn the most calories. If you tend to drink alcohol close to your bedtime, your body will work to metabolise the alcohol as you sleep, preventing you from achieving a state of REM.

3. Eat small dinner

Large meals also take time to digest, which further cause disturbances in the sleep. It is always good to have small portions or light foods like salads or soups for dinner in order to lose weight.

4. Do not eat dinner too late

Eating your dinner late will cause the growth hormone to store food in your system as fat instead of fuel. At night your metabolism is weak; which is why the food also takes time to digest, causing it to leave you with a disturbed sleep.

5. Have low calorie snacks

While one shouldn’t eat anything late at night; if you still feel hungry, make sure you have low calorie snacks to fill up. Have low calorie bhelpuri, grilled vegetables, baked potato, cucumber or a dhokla to satiate your hunger.

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