12 Reasons Why Cinnamon is Great for Your Health


If you were using cinnamon just in your cookies or hot chocolate, here are 12 reasons that will make you use it more frequently.



Here’s why we need to add a little cinnamon in everything we consume:

1. It controls the level of sugar in the blood

Cinnamon is a popular natural remedy used by even those who suffer from diabetes type 2.

2. It treats fungal infections

Cinnamon oil is an effective remedy against candida which is one of the most persistent fungal infection.

3. It relieves symptoms of poisoning

The anti-bacterial effect of cinnamon quickly and easily resolves symptoms caused by salmonella and Escherichia. Ground cinnamon, oil or tea are effective in neutralizing stomach problems.

4. Helps in treatment of irritation of the intestines

This herb stimulates digestion and helps in the treatment of bacterial infections. In addition, cinnamon is great against stomach cramps.


5. Helps in osteoporosis and arthritis

Cinnamon is rich in manganese, which helps in strengthening the bones, so massaging with cinnamon oil or drinking cinnamon tea can heal the pain caused by arthritis and osteoporosis.

6. Reflect in developing brain

Daily consumption of small amounts of cinnamon strengthens the health of the brain and improves concentration.

7. Assists in weight loss

Cinnamon improves circulation and can speed up metabolism. All that positively affect weight loss.

8. It soothes sore muscles

If you feel pain in muscles, massage with cinnamon oil or cream. It can help greatly. Here you can find a list of 7 foods that reduce muscle pain after workout.

9. Helps with colds, sore throat and cough

Tea with cinnamon powder positively affect recovery from colds, and can cure cough. Find out how to prevent the common cold without using any medicine >> Read more


10. It relieves symptoms of PMS

Given that it is rich in manganese, cinnamon is a great way to ease tension and spasms in the body just before the menstrual cycle.

11. Regulates menstrual cycle

Cinnamon helps women who have polycystic ovaries so that regulate menstruation regular.

12. Relieves headache

If you are bothered witha headache or migraine,instead of drinking a pill, drink a cinnamon tea. It definitely works!

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