11 Reasons Why You Should Drink Water In Copper Vessels

We all know about the benefits of copper. It regulates the growth of our bodies, enhances the health of connective tissues, ensures the efficient utilization of iron and regulates enzymatic reactions. But did you know that all of these benefits you can attain by drinking water that has been stored in copper vessels? Yes that’s true. Researchers have found that if you store water in a copper vessel overnight (for at least eight hours) the water will nourish with all the health benefits of the copper. Continue reading and find out all the benefits of drinking water stored in copper vessels.

  1. Aids weight loss

It is proved that the copper can improve the function of the digestive system, so if you are tired of all the boring diets, try drinking water stored in copper vessels and you will notice the difference. It will help you to lose some fat quickly and effectively.

  1. Prevents Premature Aging

The copper as one of the strongest antioxidant along with the antioxidant enzyme superoxide dismutase will keep your cell membranes safe and protected from the free radicals. The copper also contributes to cell regeneration, so the dead skin cells will be replaced with new healthy ones. Also the copper slows down the aging and keeps away the wrinkles.

  1. Heals wounds faster

Thanks to the anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties, along with the capability to stimulate cell regeneration, the copper also promotes healing wounds. It also boosts the immune system, so it will help you to heal various internal infections, especially in the stomach.

  1. Stimulates the butterfly gland

It’s been found that people who suffer from thyroid diseases have something in common. They all have low levels of copper in their bodies. Usually that’s mostly observed in people with high thyroid hormone levels, but people with low thyroid levels are not excluded. If you have any problems with the thyroid hormone you should start drinking water from copper vessels, it can make up the copper deficiency and keep a check on your thyroid levels.

  1. Reduces the risk of cancer

The copper as strong antioxidant can destroy the free radicals that play major role in the growth of cancerous cells and stop their negative effect on the body. Even though it’s not scientifically proved, it is believed that certain copper complexes have anticancer properties.

  1. Manages Melanin Production

Melanin is a pigment that gives color to the eyes, skin and hair. The melanin also protects the body from sun burns and heals wounds faster. The melanin can’t be produced without the copper who is playing a vital role in the process of production. So if your hair is graying or you notice pigmentation on your skin, maybe your body has a lack of copper. The eyes also lose the beautiful color as we grow old because of the lack of melanin.

  1. Keeps anemia at bay

Besides being very important for forming cells and regeneration, the copper also has very important role in the process of absorbing iron from the intestinal tract and releasing the iron in to the body from storages sites like the liver. Deficiency of copper can provoke shortage of iron in the bloodstream and that leads to anemia.

  1. Eliminates digestive problems

The copper regulates the contraction and relaxation of the stomach, helping the activity of the digestive tract. The copper will help you to get rid of stomach discomforts as gas and acidity, also helps to destroy harmful bacteria in the intestines.

  1. Makes sure your heart is healthy

The studies have shown that the copper with its properties will help you to boost the cardiovascular health. The copper regulates the cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Also improve the circulation and prevent from plaque accumulation in the arteries.

  1. Enhances Brain Function

If you want your brain to function faster you need to supply your body with copper. The copper helps synthesize a class of lipids called phospholipids, which are needed for formation of myelin sheath. Myelin sheath is an outer layer that helps transmit signals from one to another neuron. The copper will increase the speed of signal transmission. Also with its anti-convulsive properties can prevent seizures.

  1. Gives relief from arthritis pain

Copper is known to strengthen your bones and immune system. Also with its anti-inflammatory properties will provide great relief to arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis pains.

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