10 Good Health Reasons To Drink Coffee


Coffee is the second most consumed drink in the world according to a research. A mug of coffee with best coffee maker in the morning not only revitalizes our mind but also makes our mood pleasant.

Feeling dizzy? Or having headache? Or having morning sickness? Coffee is ultimate answer to all these questions and coffee lovers will agree on this point.

In this article we will provide you different benefits of consuming coffee according to different researches. So you get more reasons to enjoy your daily cup of coffee.


Following are the reasons to include coffee in your daily life:

  1. Source of Antioxidants:

Human body absorbs more antioxidants from coffee, although vegetables and fruits contain antioxidants but human body absorbs more antioxidants from coffee. According to a research conducted in 2005, nothing provides as many oxidants as coffee do.

  1. Relief from Sleep deprivation stress:

Just smelling the aroma of coffee can make your relieve from the stress as a result of sleep deprivation. According to a research carried out in University of Seoul, an experiment was carried out on rats which tired of sleep and it was noticed that they became active after having coffee’s aroma.

  1. Effective For Parkinson’s Disease:

Coffee proved to be effective for people suffering from Parkinson’s disease control their movement. A report presented by Science Daily in 2012 coffee proved to be a good solution for Parkinson’s disease patients to control the symptoms and also potent for the patient already suffering from this disease.

  1. Liver Disease:

A study published in 2006 proved that people who consume coffee on daily basis less likely to have liver cirrhosis, a disease that is caused by excessive consumption of alcohol. Other than that also prevents from developing Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NFLD). Drinking four cups of coffee for this disease is efficacious.

  1. Skin Cancer:

According to a study published by Harvard school, women who consume three cups of coffee daily are less likely to have skin cancer.

  1. Type 2 Diabetes:

With every cup of coffee the risk of Type 2 diabetes reduces by 7%. According to the study of American Chemical Society, people who consume four cups of coffee have less chances of having Type 2 diabetes by 50%.

  1. Increase In Memory:

John Hopkins University showed that consuming coffee could make your mind sharp and boost memory consolidation.

  1. Hair Growth:

Coffee proved to be great source for curing baldness in men and women, but instead of drinking you have to rub a solution of coffee with essential oils on the scalp.

  1. Heart Failure:

Harvard School of Public Health published that drinking coffee in moderation (two cups daily) can reduce the risk of heart failure. Drinking four to five cups of coffee reduces chances of heart failure by 11%.

  1. Cellulite:

Coffee is a magical cure for cellulite affected areas on your body. Just use coffee with coconut oil and rub on the affected areas and see the awesome results.

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